Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!


We hope you are having a great day celebrating this wonderful hobby.  We had lunch together this afternoon followed by a quick trip to our local scrapbook store.  It was fun shopping together and we did find a few pieces of patterned paper that we just had to have.  You all know how that goes, right? 

Brianna and Jamie ~ NSD 2009.

Ready for a funny today?

Ok, so remember that cute “brand new” baby layout that Jamie made for our challenge this month?  Well I guess having 3 babies in less than 3 years has finally caught up with her because she put a photo of the wrong baby on there.  Here is the layout again with the correct baby on it. 


Now does that give you all a good scrappy laugh today and show you just how “real” the 2 of us are? 

Now for the real reason you all showed up today.  Are you ready for the big news we talked about yesterday?  Click here to find out!

Be sure to check back Monday morning to see who wins these fun goodies!

Happy Weekend!


mica said...

That's so funny about the wrong Just joined your community. Love that format and the and colors you chose... is super! I think it'll be fun.

desiree said...

I celebrated National Scrapbook Day at the scrapbooking store in Gatlinburg. It was huge and amazing! I thought about you guys!

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

i was waiting to see what the big surprise was! i just looks like a good place to chat and to trade ideas and tips. i just have to figure it out! :)

were you girls visiting Once Upon? i was there today too! :)

...wish i was in gatlinburg with desiree even though i don't know her. i know the store and it is amazing!

Niki said...

Oh how cool, the site looks amazing!!

Jan said...

Oh goody another site to visit, looks nice girls.
Funny about the wrong picture. I did the same thing with Bri and Jess in a clown costume. Just couldn't tell who was who.
My NSD purchases: deep cutting blades for the Cricut and the apron lace Fiskars punch. And of course couldn't leave the store without a few pieces of pattern paper!

Jenn said...

Very cool girls, looks like a lot of fun! I'm excited to be a part of it, and the best part is I get to share with all of you! Thanks! Here's my blog to my link