Friday, March 27, 2009

Real Life Weekend Project – Get Rid of that Stack!


Hi Everyone!  This is Jamie.  Since we are working on spring cleaning and using up our stash of supplies this month, I wanted to motivate and encourage you all to get rid of those stacks of unfinished layouts and projects that are lying around your scrap space.  You know we all have them – layouts that we started at crops but said “I’ll do the journaling on that one when I get home” or perhaps like me you start a layout in your craft space but need to look up the date on your computer but just never get around to it.  I took a little time one afternoon to “tackle” this one stack on my desk that just always seems to lurk around.  I had really forgotten what all was hiding under there and after a short bit of time I was rather astonished at what all I was able to complete – 8 layouts and 1 home project. 

Here is a “real life” example of what I am talking about…


This is the side view of my work area in my Scrap Closet or perhaps a better name for this side area would be “the black hole”.  That is where miscellaneous photos and undone layouts end lying around for weeks or months.


This 1st thing I tackled was some layouts that I didn’t quite complete over at Brianna’s house a few monthsgasp - ago when we cropped together.  All I really needed on this one was to write out my thoughts, look up the date on the computer, make the cute tag you see on the 2nd layout and it was done.

Next up is another 2 page spread with the same needs – journaling + looking up the photo date.


This next one required a bit more work.  I had the general sketch laid out but nothing on the right page was adhered down.  So after I got done with the adhesive, I simply added my journaling and some rub ons for captions. 


 IMG_9356 IMG_9352

All this next one needed was a little journaling in the rub on box – are you sensing a theme here?  Bullet_Smiley_1


Whew!  After digging through all those layouts in my stack, the next thing I came across was an 8x10 photo of my little girl.  Ok, no more procrastinating on this one and I got right to work. 

This is a home decor project in our nursery.  See how that 3rd layout is of my tummy?


Well, I finally took down that pregnancy picture and hung my precious #3 baby up on the wall. 


Then I simply took that 12x12 photo of my tummy and made it into a cute full page layout for Emma Lee’s baby album.  Remember the key here for your weekend project is no more procrastinating. 


Well that’s about it!  See how simple all that was and that stack on my desk is looking much better now.  I am so proud to put those 8 layouts in our albums + the nursery is looking better already with an updated photo on the wall.

So that’s your Real Life Scrappy Project for this weekend – to find a stack of unfinished layouts or photos that you have stashed away or perhaps even update some frames that you have around your home, spend a couple hours this weekend, and knock all those pesky little projects that you have been putting off. 

As always be sure to share your progress on your blog/online gallery or email us – Brianna or Jamie – we would love to see what all you get done this weekend!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Are You Using That Stash?

Happy Friday! 

This is just a reminder to start spring cleaning and use up that stash of scrap goodies that you have had lying around for a while.  You have until the last day of this month (Tuesday, March 31st) to submit your work. 

No idea what I am talking about?  Click here for all the details for this month’s challenge. 

Here is a sneak peek at some fun organizational goodies that the winner will receive this month.


These are great for organizing your tools and that cute tag punch is perfect for making labels for your containers. 

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back next Friday for a fun Real Life Weekend Project

Friday, March 13, 2009

Real Life Tip - Organization


So while you are doing a little spring cleaning with your scrapbook supplies this month, we thought you may get the bug to do some organizing too. There are a lot of good organizational tips out there on the web but we wanted to share just a few of our favorite ones with you today. 



This is how I organize my ribbon. I use clothes pins that I bought from Hobby Lobby and wrap the ribbon around them and secure it with a paper clip. Then I have them sorted by color in jars I keep above my desk. That way they are out so I can see all the pretty colors and I use them more. Jennifer McGuire organizes her ribbon this way too.


Sitting at the edge of my desk I have what I call my journal basket. I have put all my journal spots and date stamps in this basket so when I’m ready to journal on my layout I just dig through here to find the perfect spot and then I’m not looking through all my other supplies. Aby Garvey has a journal basket too!



One of my favorite organization “methods” is the jump ring/baggie system.  When you enter my Scrap Closet, you will notice a simple white shower curtain rod above my work area.  I have ribbon on 1 end for gift wrapping and the other end are jump rings where I store some of my most used embellishments. 

IMG_8927  IMG_8926
As you can tell, I love Heidi Swapp.She is one of my favorite designers and I especially love how her packaging fits perfectly on my jump ring system.  For my other flowers and embellishments, I simply use clear baggies and a hole punch. 


Another one of my favorite organization “tools” are these Desktop Organizers from Making Memories.  I have several of these that I use for different categories.  The ones that you see above are used for my journaling box (just like what Brianna mentioned above), the middle one is full of my larger Heidi stuff (I told you I liked her.), and the last one is full of all things related to baby.  These are really sturdy organizers and they hold a lot of paper and embellishments. 

 IMG_8923 IMG_8925
This is a glimpse inside my “seasonal” organizer.  I usually have 2 of these going at all times.  Currently one is filled with my Easter/Spring supplies and my 2nd one is filled with Valentine’s Day goodies. 
Guess I need to clean that one out and get it ready for something else, right?

Here are a a few other organizational tips and links we thought you might enjoy:

And just in case you did not have scrap envy already, be sure to check out Connie’s Scrappin’ Shed for some more fun organization ideas. 

What are some of your favorite organizing tips?  Share them in the comments section or leave us a link!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Challenge #2 – Use Your Stash


Happy Friday!  March is here and that means it is time for our next monthly challenge here on Real Life Scraps.  This month we want you to do a little “spring cleaning” in your scrapbook supplies so you can make room for all those new Winter CHA releases that are hitting the stores now. 

Here’s a look at our projects this month where we used up our stash…



For this layout, Brianna used some patterned papers that she has had since her move from Michigan (that was also 2 years ago).  She also used a word transparency from 2006 that “was one of those products that I loved so much that I did not want to touch”.  Don’t we all do that?  Bullet_Smiley_1

And here are some fun cards that she created using using stickers that she would probably never use on a layout. 


It is so fun to see how many cards she made from just 1 sticker sheet.


For my 2 layout below, I dug into my Christmas “stash” to use up some supplies and stamps that I have had forever. 

This particular layout is not about Christmas at all but it was nice to use those products in a non-traditional way.


This is a great example of using stuff that is not really my style now but I hate to waste them.  I found this picture of Caleb Davis during his 1st Christmas in my stash of photos that I take out of frames and do not know what to do with.  Oh, you do that too?    So I just grabbed a pack of Jolee’s Dimensional Stickers that I “had to have” years ago and paired it with some letter stickers that I have had for a while.  Like I said this is not exactly my style or taste now but paired with an “older” picture, I think it fits my layouts from that time period perfectly.

And just a few detail shots…

IMG_8823   IMG_8820 

Just a few details about the challenge:  Feel free to submit any type of layout (paper, digital, or hybrid) or any size.  It is all a personal preference and we want you to feel the most creative with what you are used too.  You have until the last day of the month (March 31st) to submit your work.  Just leave us a comment on this post with a link to your work.  If you do not have a blog or online photo gallery, feel free to take a picture and email it to us – Brianna or Jamie – by the deadline.  We will be posting all of your work over in our gallery each month.  Oh and yes, feel free to submit more than once this month.  If you get on a roll with using up your stash, then by all means keep those projects coming.  We will pick a winner on April 1st and of course there will be some fun scrappy prize involved!

We are looking forward to seeing what you have in your stash!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the winner is…



Congratulations! You were randomly picked from all the “simple” entries this month! We will be sure to get your goodies to you ASAP.

Thank you all for joining us for our very first challenge! We had so much fun seeing all the layouts as they were coming in and we were inspired by all your work. Be sure to check back in on Friday to see what your challenge is for March!