Friday, March 27, 2009

Real Life Weekend Project – Get Rid of that Stack!


Hi Everyone!  This is Jamie.  Since we are working on spring cleaning and using up our stash of supplies this month, I wanted to motivate and encourage you all to get rid of those stacks of unfinished layouts and projects that are lying around your scrap space.  You know we all have them – layouts that we started at crops but said “I’ll do the journaling on that one when I get home” or perhaps like me you start a layout in your craft space but need to look up the date on your computer but just never get around to it.  I took a little time one afternoon to “tackle” this one stack on my desk that just always seems to lurk around.  I had really forgotten what all was hiding under there and after a short bit of time I was rather astonished at what all I was able to complete – 8 layouts and 1 home project. 

Here is a “real life” example of what I am talking about…


This is the side view of my work area in my Scrap Closet or perhaps a better name for this side area would be “the black hole”.  That is where miscellaneous photos and undone layouts end lying around for weeks or months.


This 1st thing I tackled was some layouts that I didn’t quite complete over at Brianna’s house a few monthsgasp - ago when we cropped together.  All I really needed on this one was to write out my thoughts, look up the date on the computer, make the cute tag you see on the 2nd layout and it was done.

Next up is another 2 page spread with the same needs – journaling + looking up the photo date.


This next one required a bit more work.  I had the general sketch laid out but nothing on the right page was adhered down.  So after I got done with the adhesive, I simply added my journaling and some rub ons for captions. 


 IMG_9356 IMG_9352

All this next one needed was a little journaling in the rub on box – are you sensing a theme here?  Bullet_Smiley_1


Whew!  After digging through all those layouts in my stack, the next thing I came across was an 8x10 photo of my little girl.  Ok, no more procrastinating on this one and I got right to work. 

This is a home decor project in our nursery.  See how that 3rd layout is of my tummy?


Well, I finally took down that pregnancy picture and hung my precious #3 baby up on the wall. 


Then I simply took that 12x12 photo of my tummy and made it into a cute full page layout for Emma Lee’s baby album.  Remember the key here for your weekend project is no more procrastinating. 


Well that’s about it!  See how simple all that was and that stack on my desk is looking much better now.  I am so proud to put those 8 layouts in our albums + the nursery is looking better already with an updated photo on the wall.

So that’s your Real Life Scrappy Project for this weekend – to find a stack of unfinished layouts or photos that you have stashed away or perhaps even update some frames that you have around your home, spend a couple hours this weekend, and knock all those pesky little projects that you have been putting off. 

As always be sure to share your progress on your blog/online gallery or email us – Brianna or Jamie – we would love to see what all you get done this weekend!


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Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

wow! you are a busy girl! i LOVE the " 1 2 3" pictures in the nursery! :)