Friday, March 13, 2009

Real Life Tip - Organization


So while you are doing a little spring cleaning with your scrapbook supplies this month, we thought you may get the bug to do some organizing too. There are a lot of good organizational tips out there on the web but we wanted to share just a few of our favorite ones with you today. 



This is how I organize my ribbon. I use clothes pins that I bought from Hobby Lobby and wrap the ribbon around them and secure it with a paper clip. Then I have them sorted by color in jars I keep above my desk. That way they are out so I can see all the pretty colors and I use them more. Jennifer McGuire organizes her ribbon this way too.


Sitting at the edge of my desk I have what I call my journal basket. I have put all my journal spots and date stamps in this basket so when I’m ready to journal on my layout I just dig through here to find the perfect spot and then I’m not looking through all my other supplies. Aby Garvey has a journal basket too!



One of my favorite organization “methods” is the jump ring/baggie system.  When you enter my Scrap Closet, you will notice a simple white shower curtain rod above my work area.  I have ribbon on 1 end for gift wrapping and the other end are jump rings where I store some of my most used embellishments. 

IMG_8927  IMG_8926
As you can tell, I love Heidi Swapp.She is one of my favorite designers and I especially love how her packaging fits perfectly on my jump ring system.  For my other flowers and embellishments, I simply use clear baggies and a hole punch. 


Another one of my favorite organization “tools” are these Desktop Organizers from Making Memories.  I have several of these that I use for different categories.  The ones that you see above are used for my journaling box (just like what Brianna mentioned above), the middle one is full of my larger Heidi stuff (I told you I liked her.), and the last one is full of all things related to baby.  These are really sturdy organizers and they hold a lot of paper and embellishments. 

 IMG_8923 IMG_8925
This is a glimpse inside my “seasonal” organizer.  I usually have 2 of these going at all times.  Currently one is filled with my Easter/Spring supplies and my 2nd one is filled with Valentine’s Day goodies. 
Guess I need to clean that one out and get it ready for something else, right?

Here are a a few other organizational tips and links we thought you might enjoy:

And just in case you did not have scrap envy already, be sure to check out Connie’s Scrappin’ Shed for some more fun organization ideas. 

What are some of your favorite organizing tips?  Share them in the comments section or leave us a link!


Niki said...

Great tips!! I am hoping to get my own scrappin' area after we move!

That scrappin shed is amazing! Like you own little hobby lobby!

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

i am all about downsizing and living with my means. there isn't much in this world that i feel that i just "have to have more", but.. i am seriously jealous of that scrappin' shed. i am plotting how i can work that into the next house...ha!

great ideas with the others...i am still figuring out what will work for me in my scrap room!