Friday, January 30, 2009

Real Life Tip – Use Your Scraps


Happy Friday Everyone!  This is Jamie and I am back this week with another “real life” and might I add very simple tip this week. 

It’s really quite easy.  Every time that you work on a layout, mini album, etc…, take a few minutes when you are done to make a quick card or two. 

Just think about it…  You already have out your coordinating cardstock, pattern papers, and embellishments.  Some of those are probably slips of paper from cuts that you made on the layout.  All you have to do is take a few extra minutes before you put everything away and whip up a simple card.  You will be using up your scraps and those extra embellishments and the best part is that you will have extra homemade cards on hand when you need them.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about:

This is a layout that I made for my baby girl’s album.

While I already had out my supplies, I took a few extra minutes to whip up these simple cards.

IMG_8224        IMG_8221

Here’s a look at everything together…

Do you recognize a lot of the cardstock and paper from the layout?

I used the rest of my 12x12 brown cardstock and scraps from the pink cardstock and polka dot paper.  If you do not recognize that orange floral design, that is because it is the backside of the polka dot patterned paper.  After that, all I did was add a few pearls (that I already had out) along with a few other embellishments that I had laying around and decided not to use on Emma Lee’s layout from above.  The only extra thing that I got out was the little “thank you” die cut stamp on the 1st card.  I told you this was easy, right? 

Want another good reason to keep a few scraps around?  Brianna is always really good about keeping her scraps in a basket and just look at the surprise that her hubby – Mike - made for her this past week.  He got into her scraps and she found this when she woke up. 


Oh and before I go, here are a few “detail” shots, I always love looking at the details on scrap projects so I thought you might enjoy them too.

IMG_8218      IMG_8226

IMG_8219  IMG_8225 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Be sure to check back on Sunday, February 1st for our 1st Real Life monthly challenge, ok?

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Rebbecca said...

That's a great idea. I have an organizer drawer filled with scraps but then I forget to use them on my cards. If I just make a card or two right away, I might actually use up the extras! Thanks Jamie.